Moorfields Eye Hospital Childen's Wing
Yuko Shiraishi
The concept of the project at Moorfields Eye Hospital came from the image of the receptive fields of retinal ganglion cells– the output of the eye. I would like to express in my work for this project that the human body has an amazing geometrical structure. They appear like a plan of the electric mechanism or puzzle games.
The proposals come directly from a drawing of the relationship between ganglion cells, bipolar cells, receptors and receptive fields.
The diagrammatic scheme is painted with over 30 difference colours. So one could discover and get to understand the variety and diversity of colours in the work. Because there is a resonance with the use of separate colour schemes on each floor, it makes sense that the wall painting, which goes through five floors, uses as many random colours.
Some small details of the wall painting help with which children will feel comfortable.