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Swimming Pool

With Mie Miyamoto and Jonathan Moore of Coldcut
Stiftung Insel Hombroich Museum, Neuss, Germany
Swimming Pool Project Members

Mie Miyamoto - Architect
Jonathan More ( Coldcut) - Musician
Yuko Shiraishi - Artist

The Swimmingpool project is an experimental swimming pool.

The form, the colours, the size of the swimming pools are sculptural and are surrounded by a 400m athletics track, willow tree fence, music, natural and manmade landscape and becomes on all encompassing experience.

The Swimmingpool will be used as a sculpture theatre and ice-skating ring in the winter months.

Swimmingpool spirit merges the poetry of the wildness of nature and the strong vision of art, architecture and music. The different elements of the Swimmingpool project help the swimmer to discover new aspect of themselves.


Stiftung Insel Hombroich
Neuss, Germany

Project Items

Outdoor Pool:
(2 months operation during summer as swimming pool)

Adult Pool 1:
30m x 20m x 2.5m, shiny black, blue, tiled

Adult Pool 2:
75m x 4.8m x 4.2m, tiled

Kid Pool:
Multi colour, tiled: 17m in diameter x 0.5m
Surface: Berge, tiled concrete surface. Pebbles on concrete surface

400m Athletics Track


Changing Room

Willow Fence: for cleaning water

Tree: provide shading


MP3 Player, waterproof (music, swimming pool, complaint. Talk/ instruction.)

Solar Power